Recover OwnCloud calendars

Learn how to recover calendars from a OwnCloud database dump.

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Create a WiFiMap using Grafana and Prometheus

This article details how to monitor Unifi access points on a Grafana Worldmap.

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Flappy Bird clone in VHDL

Blobbyfish was implemented for a VHDL academic course project in 8 hours. It is based on Flappy Bird but a little bit simplified for the purpose.

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Install Ubuntu 18.04 on Dell G3 17

This post lists Dell modifications made to pre-installed Ubuntu 16.04 on Dell G3 and focuses on installing a fully-working Ubuntu 18.04.

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Common board pinout references

A list of the best board pinout schematics found online.

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Write reports using Pandoc and LaTeX backend

Learn how to write a Makefile in order to generate professional looking documents from human-friendly Markdown sources.

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Linux on Dell Chromebook 11

This is a how-to to make any Linux > 4.15 distribution run smoothly on Dell Chromebook 11 (3120 codename candy).

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Archos 50 Diamond debricking

This is how I managed to debrick an Archos 50 Diamond (ac50da). It consists of using Fastboot to restore the stock firmware.

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BrushlessServo Arduino library

This library offers the possibility to use a Brushless 3-wire motor as a servomotor. It’s very convenient for making fast precision movements in many applications such as Gimbals. No need to buy or hack an existing ESC (Electronic Speed Control).

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Regarder SFR TV dans Kodi

This article has been written in french.

À partir du travail d’investigation de Mohamed El Morabity et de Hugo (HugoPoi), il est maintenant possible de regarder les flux TV de SFR dans Kodi. Cela ne marche que pour le décodeur SFR évolution.

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My Prusa i3

A fairytale about a 3d-printer meeting a young student… This is what I learned about 3d-printing and my experience using EMotionTech Prusa i3.

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Ramips device porting on OpenWRT

After porting two ramips target on OpenWRT (SFR Minihub and D-Link DCS5020L A1), I decided to write this guide to help beginners. It explains how OpenWRT structures devices and focuses on ramips target specialties.

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OpenWRT on the SFR Minihub

The SFR Minihub stock firmware is very restrictive. This guide helps you to install a fully working OpenWRT system on it.

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